Guerin (Faro Airport, Aeroporto de Faro, Faro, 8001-701) Discovery (Arrivals Hall, Faro Airport, Faro - Airport) Yes (Faro Airport - Park P4, 150 meters from the terminal, Faro) Avis (Est Aeroporto Montenegro, Faro… Falta de rigor na entrega de viaturas. Although the booking was made to return the car to the same spot, I was offered the flexibility to return it to Porto Airport, which helped a lot. Pick-up instructions. ... Guerin . Compare the best car rental companies in Portugal on Existindo alternativas no mercado, não voltarei a usar os seus serviços. We arranged the car from Holland and ask for a Peugeot 207 diesel but we got a Renault Megane Station Diesel and just one year old! “Guerin car hire rip off Faro Portugal” Written on: 13/10/2013. We dropped the car off after 2 weeks at Faro. The worst car renting experience ever and I will never recommend it! We wrote them but never got a reply back. The deposit was significantly higher than I was quoted for. Picked the car up at the airport at night time. Worst experience ever- Guerin never again. Profitable little business, innit? Hertz car rental locations in Portugal. Golden tip.This tip is regarding the extra CDW insurance one can opt for, to reduce the franchise to 0 euro. 05 April 2013 . How impressively efficient. Car hire companies in Faro Airport include Cael, Best Deal, Europcar, Hertz and Avis. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! CarDelMar who was our agent told that according to Guerin we bought additional cover what was not true, and he washed his hands of that case. service was very fast, staff was very kind and friendly, car was just as described on the outside, clean and tidy, but much stronger then expected. 2. Falta de higiene e cumprimento das regras "Clean and Safe".Apresentação de pesadas contas, para o cliente pagar danos existentes e incompetência de certos funcionários. We compare all their prices so you get the best deal. You can't take any pics or videos to make sure you have evidence of the initial state of the car and even if you do, you can't detect any minor existing damages at night time.I had no issues with the car during my 4 days rental, and that I know for sure. Excellent 8.5 +351289810120. I almost refrained from renting with them because of the bad reviews here but I am glad I proceeded nevertheless. The car that I received was old and had quite a lot of kms on it. Drove it to the Algarve. “Stay clear -- AVOID, AVOID, GUERIN car rental at Faro” Written on: 20/10/2016 by 472Graham (1 review written) Ireturned car hire on the 19 October after a ten day rental. Car rental providers in Faro airport include; Auriga Crown, Auto Jardim, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Guerin, Hertz, Sixt and Goldcar. After we managed to pay the amount which was on our voucher they brought the car and we left. October 1, 2020. Guerin has the best car rental solutions for your stay in Portugal. I wanted to leave my review which is different from other reviews. Out of the 7 days reserved, we wanted to modify our contract at the Guerin counter to 5 days. Very, very good experience with Guerin Porto, staff very nice, no pressure to buy additional insurance. I have used Guerin for over ten years, if you have an issue their customer relations department is a joke, they never reply to emails, I have sent them six, Had doubts about renting a car via Guerin due to bad rates but, luckily, decided to rent anyhow. Axel B. Efficient and again friendly. 3 days later when we arrived in Porto they claimed that the car had an inside truck cover which was not there anymore.We told them that the car had not inside truck cover and they said ok, just sign.3 days later we received an Email stating that they kept 275 eur from our deposit for the cover. I think this is important with this company.After reading all the scary stories here I started taking pictures of all the scratches on the car, to which they told me that it's not needed since I have full coverage. Read on for Golden Tip regarding CDW insurance. Book your Guerin hire car for Faro Airport cheaply, easily, and securely online. Even then it took more that three months to sort out with Guerin frequently asking for the same information multiple times. Follow these steps when you arrive at Faro International Airport Printer Friendly. I then asked them what happened to the 95euros deposit payment that we had made, I even sent proof that the funds were taken. When I brought the car back they confirmed that I will not need to pay anything for these damages and authorised to return my deposit, only leaving 70€ deposit for Via Verde which will be evaluated within next 3 monthsSo all in all I had wonderful smooth experience. In the smaller categories of Guerin Faro Airport's fleet, customers will discover economical choices like the Peugeot 106 and Opel Corsa. When doing your search, keep an eye out for the special offers available on certain brands. We rented a vehicle from Guerin in June 2019. This companies business model works on quoting a very low price and then making their money on all the hidden extras. Your rental will be serviced by Enterprise Rent A Car. There are poor reports of them dating from several years ago, but I'm interested in what they're like now. Very honest rates. Weekends and Public Holidays: 06:00-24:00. Sort by. Discover Avis car rental options in Faro, Portugal, Locationswith Avis Rent a Car. You should avoid Guerin if you don’t want to be robbed. I'm … It left me with an impression of bad faith, as if it is a dubious scheme. !Avoid this company at all costs as they are a scam operation. Select from a range of car options and local specials I then get told that the deposit taken was 75 euros for the tolls but no explanation as to what the balance 20 euros (that makes up the 95 euros) was used for nor why they were trying to debit my card for the full amount of 113 euros instead of just the outstanding balance. Find great prices on Guerin car rental at Faro Airport, read customer reviews - and book online, quickly and easily. For passengers who would like to rent a car at Lisbon airport, you can find a big group of companies offering car rental at Lisbon airport, including AA Castanheira/Budget, Auro Rent, Auto Jardim, Avis, … Moreover the invoice that we received was a general invoice and was written on it “Others” and the cost of the cover. Subsequently Guerin contacted me to say that they had debited my card for the same journeys.Guerin did not respond to any of my messages. There was no apology for their error or compensation for the time spent on emails, phone calls and copying and sending documents. In Lisbon airport we had to queue for over 2 hours to pick up our car on 7th April; this company is beside all the other main players in the car hire business - AVIS, Hertz, Budget, etc. Estrada do Aeroporto - Monte Negro, 8000-124 Faro… Then it will be up to you to recover this amount from the intermediate rental company where you took out the extra insurance.... Good luck. Also don't forget, out of 10 happy customers, about 2 may write a positive review, where as out of 10 unhappy customers, about 9 will write a negative review.Will rent again with them for sure. The same experience in the garage on rental and return. I started taking pictures of the damage and looked for any form of damage on the car and only now the personnel started to take notes on my rental contract in regards of the damage.When I returned the car the personnel had difficulties finding the damages in their “system” so I offered to show evidence. Guerin at Faro Airport. 00351 289 889 445. Save up to 30% on your car rental! Without Police papers etc, you will have a hard recovering that money.Now, if you take out the extra CDW insurance on the spot, paying directly to the rental company, they will NOT block a large amount of money on your card ( no need because you are fully insured with them) and if you return the car to them, there will be no problem or discussion in case of damage, because THEY insured you, not an intermediate company.This golden tip saved me a lot of hassle in the past and always gives me peace of mind. Faro to Faro drop offThis airport pick up was also smooth and with no complaints whatsoever.The 300 euro reserved on my card for fuel, was released in no time after I returned the car with full fuel.3. Faro é um destino perfeito para as suas férias, mas Portugal esconde muitas outras preciosidades! Because I purchased full insurance, I didn't need to pay anything. I was assured by the person at the desk the car had no damage and because it was night time all you can do is look for any major damage visible at poor night lighting, making it impossible to detect any existing scratches or minor dents. It looks like behaviour of car rental companies finally has hit the press!. Both cars fall into the "mini" category, but are still large enough to … Through our partnerships with Guerin, Sixt, Europcar, Hertz, Budget, Sadorent, Dollar, JAP, Drive on Holidays, and Avis in Portugal, we provide you with the best rates, like our Algarve Portugal car hire, as well airport rentals, such as car hire in Faro … Out of the 7 days reserved, we wanted to modify our contract at the Guerin counter to 5 days. Please follow signs to the rental car facility located in the main … Avis car rental locations in Portugal. I used Guerin in Maderia. They blocked my deposit for a month. In Faro… The answers just go round and round in circles and make absolutely no sense.What also makes me angry is that they didn’t even call me or email me to advise me that there is a bill for tolls and what the amount comes to and that they will be debiting my card, they just went ahead and deducted the full toll amount and when the payment didn’t go through they didn’t even bother to call me to notify me, they just sent my account over for debit collection of which I am then charged a penalty for as well for late payment, yet the very first time since July 2019 that I see any communication about tolls is over 1 year later. … ... Avis . Overall the car was pleasant to drive. Cant get in touch with anyone absolute joke of a company. I took pictures anyway just in case.Well immediatly after 1 hour I scratched the side of the car coming out of Ikea parking, and later in the week on my way on highway a stone flew into my windscreen and I had a crack which was growing a bit until the last day. I first had to pay twice the amount until I showed an Email of my online quotation.Then the lady at the desk suddenly became rude to me and told me to relax even though I was very calm. we rented cheapest, 5 doors, gasoline VW Polo in September 2019, in the center of Lisbon. For full Avis and Amazon benefits, after logging in with Amazon you'll need to log in to Avis and link your accounts. Guerin car rental locations in Portugal. Even if we rented the car in Austria and we had a voucher which stated that we need to pay at the location 65 eur plus tax , when we arrived in Porto the Guerin employee wanted to charge us 150 eur. Compare the best car rental companies in Portugal on I also paid a fuel deposit for 75 euro. Guerin Rent a Car in Faro, Portugal. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Reserve your car now and cancel for free up to 48 hours. Discover the coast of the Algarve and its stunning natural landscapes in safety with a rental car from Guerin. A long time after the rental was over I was pursued by a debt collecting agency because of non payment of three (of the many) toll journeys, I challenged this and was told that Guerin had informed the toll road operator that I had declined to pay. 21 Locations See all … Europcar in Portugal. We asked the original bill of the cover ( because we checked at Peugeot and such a cover costs 130 Eur) but they completely ignored our Emails. The person doing the car return checks went straight for the scratches I could not detect during my rental even at day light. The car was better than I booked, clean and good conditon. The lady didn’t take notes so I told her to do so. Which leaves a balance of less than 30 euros that they needed to debit, my card had more than enough funds for the balance due. The day after return, deposit on my credit card was unlocked. Client services lacks terribly and the way my account was handled is just not ethical. Do not use... still waiting for money owed from last august. I included the toll road express lane device (Via Verde) in the rental. I recommend and will definitely come back here! The return was also straight forward. When returning the car guess what? Aeroporto Internacional de Faro 8001-701 Faro +351 289 889 445 Fax. The 300 euro reserved on my card for fuel, was released in no time after I returned the car with full fuel. 3. … To provide the best Guerin online experience, we and other associated partners use cookies on our website. Booked a car in Faro and returned full of fuel. Écrire un avis. If for example you plan on making a weekend trip to Seville from Faro, these charges … Enterprise Rent-A-Car, claiming to be the largest car rental company in the world, is to open branches in Portugal’s four major airports including Faro, following a franchise agreement with Guerin … On the 21st of August 2020 we received a fine of $177.52 which includes $45.45 of penalties billed from Pagamentos Portagems, claiming we owe money for the tolls. Arrived to Faro airport at late evening. They advertise for a low price on comparison websites we all use and of course you book with them. I picked up the car at Porto Z Industrial. We were told to contact and, when we did, told us to contact Guerin… Regularly topping travel polls, Portugal is a multifaceted country to visit. Things only started happening when I complained to National Emerald Club (through whom I had made the booking). Aeroporto Internacional de Faro, 8001-701 Faro ... Avis . Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. The drop off process took only 5 minutes and I was on the shuttle bus to the airport after another 5 minutes. We were told to contact and, when we did, told us to contact Guerin… I then contacted Guerin about this and was advised that they tried debiting 113 euros from my credit card for the tolls one month after our rental but there were no funds in the account. Faro International Airport has several rental car companies onsite including Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise. Deixou-me uma impressão de má-fé, como se trata-se de um esquema duvidoso.Company to avoidLack of rigor in vehicle delivery.Lack of hygiene and compliance with the "Clean and Safe" rules.Presentation of heavy bills, for the client to pay for existing damages and incompetence of certain employees.With alternatives on the market, I will not be using your services again. While beach and golf breaks in the Algarve are still popular during the high summer months, cities like Porto … Overall I was very satisfied with their service. As in many airports, Faro is served by two groups of car rental operators - multinationals companies and the local car hire businesses. She insisted I paid the full insurance but I only wanted to have the additional glass protection and knowing that the car comes standard with third party, fire and theft insurance as standard. Rented a car June 2019 from this company (Faro Airport)Staff were very friendly straight forward, and were extremely helpful when we were trying to input info into sat nav, they didn’t leave us until we had sorted it,This was very much appreciated .On return once again straight forward, very friendly lady who dealt with paperwork. Aeroporto Internacional de Faro, 8001-701 Faro. With their offices being a short walk from the terminal, you’ll find it quick and easy to rent a car for your vacation. So our 140 € hire turned into 340 € for 4 days. In the Economy class there are smaller type cars, which are easy to drive and cheaper in fuel consumption. Suddenly there was no problem anymore. Faro to Faro drop off This airport pick up was also smooth and with no complaints whatsoever. Avis (00351) 289 889 456: Europcar (00351) 289 889 447: Goldcar Rental (00351) 289 800 670: Guerin (00351) 289 800 883: Hertz (00351) 289 818 248 Estrada do Aeroporto - Monte Negro, 8000-124 Faro… I had no problems with returning the car nor was there a big line in the office (around 6.30 pm). I will never recommend nor will I use Guerin again! They do not repay your deposit!! Couldn't expect a smoother process. 24 Locations See all locations. Almost like they knew already where it was exactly... And guess what again... because you did not buy additional insurance with them to reduce your excess to zero, you obviously have to pay for damages you are not responsible for. arnaque location voiture Faro - forum Portugal - Besoin d'infos sur Portugal ? The car was very clean and in good condition. Quick & simple online check-in. Value for Money, based on our customer ratings for Guerin Car Hire in Portugal At Guerin Car Hire, renters can choose from a variety of hire vehicles in Portugal Guerin, provides great service, more … I booked an automatic car from guerin alfragide, I arrived late and the office was already closed (please note that Alfragide office closes at 1pm), I called them and explained the situation that I cannot wait until tomorrow, so they called their AIrport branch and got me a replacement car there. Excelente 8.6 +351289889445. Do your research and online quote before considering this company!! They don’t answer our mails. When you think these kind of car hire companies would be out of business already...think twice.Typical insurance scammer. By continuing to use our website without changing your settings, we assume that you accept the use of cookies. Plus using a debit card, plus a huge excess for the tinniest scuff mark that was already there anyway. Car hire offers in Faro airport often … I am not affiliated with this company in any way, this is my honest opinion as a customer.I actually had an amazing experience with Guerin. Avis can supply cars like the … We reserved an automatic rental car for Portugal for 7 days with Guerin using the website The staff was very polite and efficient, taking no more than 15 minutes for the whole process. Answer 11 of 50: We rented a car by Guerin, Great service, great car. staff showed me some damages on the car.I came early in the morning so there was no line and waiting. We have used about half a dozen different hire firms at Faro Airport and have to say that Guerin are by far the best and easiest to deal with ... Avis Reviews Faro Airport 8.3 /10; Sixt Reviews Faro … www.g ... Arnaque Guerin FARO j 'ai retenu une voiture de location sur internet chez Guerin j' ai paye avec … +351 289 107 765 . 24 Locations See all locations. Faro Airport is only four miles away from the centre of the … Kinda of using you as the middleman for insurance fraud but with you taking all the risk. More than a Car Rental, we are a traveling companion, a sustainable way of discovering new place and a sound choice when renting a car. Would definitely use again and recommend to friends and family. We reserved an automatic rental car for Portugal for 7 days with Guerin using the website Guerin Avis 185 • Bas . It is not fair that I have had to pay a penalty and still pay more over and above what I had already paid for tolls and just get responses with no accountability. Save up to 30% on your car rental! Fully recommended. Car rental companies at Faro airport. Rented a car from this company from Faro Airport Portugal. ... Avis Car Rental Faro Airport 8.2 /10 Firefly Car Rental Faro Airport 8.2 /10 Hertz Car Rental Faro Airport 8.1 /10 Keddy By Europcar Car Rental Faro … The Guerin … By far the best of all I have experienced so far. I rented through Enterprise but found out this really means Guerin in Portugal. Definitely avoid!! Once you give them the credit card they can do anything. My card was also a global card and only used for travel purposes so it only has the funds needed for my trip, after my trip any funds left in that account I transferred back to my normal account. I had a good experience hiring with them, the process to get the car was quick, even though I had to refuse their offer to add on additional insurance upon my third party insurance. Friendly people at the counter and smooth return.The 300 euro reserved on my card for fuel, was released in no time after I returned the car with full fuel.2. Meanwhile they charged the credit card with additional 200 € without expalantion. Opening Hours: Week days: 06:00 - 24:00 Weekends and Public Holidays: … Known for its extensive coastline and white sand beaches, the Algarve is a top travel destination all year round. Avis Faro have a great selection of affordable vehicles on offer. luckily I didn't mind unfortunate and bad experiences and tried my luck due to tight budget. We collected our car from Lisbon Airport on 8 June 2020. definitely would recommend and will rent again via this company. Rental desk at the Lisbon airport stands out as modern, well lit, clean and friendly. No paperwork, all documents in electronic form, super helpful staff. Excelente 8.5 +351289810120. Had I known that there was still money that was going to be debited by Guerin I would have ensured the correct amount was available for the transaction. Staff were efficient and friendly. 2,3. www.g I can confirm the other awful reviews they've received. I was charged extra for 'switching on the transponder for toll roads' - why isn't it always on? Great car rental. All their customers were dealt with in a few mins; desks had 4 - 6 staff to deal with their customers. Visitez ce site web www.g Answer 1 of 18: Does anyone have any recent experience of using Guerin car hire at Faro airport? Car Booker compares all their prices and their latest deals, so when you do a … I was informed that these were already in their “system”. I felt I was straight forward scammed. Please note that I paid for full insurance coverage. We got our deposit back no problem. Change settings. When we arrived at the car it was clear it had damage on the front and 3 of the wheels, bigger than their damage indicator. I made a small mistake on the narrow and curved road in the Douro Valley and scratched the entire right side of the car. The car was picked up wet from the car wash ( corsa ) On inspection all was OK all … I rented a car from Lissabon and returned it in Porto. Reviews. Check the reviews on google about them. International brands like Avis, … If you are booking through an intermediate website such as Auto Europe or Rental cars.Com etc, NEVER take CDW insurance with those intermediate companies but always take it when picking up the car, in the office of the company which you are renting from.WHY?If you take a CDW insurance with an intermediate rental company, the Hertz or Guerin or whatever company, will STILL block the full CDW amount on your card.In case of damage or an accident, they WILL use the reserved amount on your card to pay for the damage. Excellent, brand new car. If you, like me, have already car excess insurance from a third part company, you're not buying any overpriced additional insurance from the car hire company.Booked a car for a weekend in December in the Algarve with them. After having a chat for 10 minutes the final amount they could offer me was still 20 euro higher but I agreed with it just so I could leave their office. Guerin Rent a Car in Lagos, Portugal. Read 50 customer reviews on Guerin at Faro Airport and find the best car hire deals guaranteed. Guerin charges €60 plus VAT payable locally, whereas another company Drive4Fun only charges €10 euros locally. I have difficulty understanding all these negative reviews after my two, recent, excellent experiences with Guerin.1.Lisbon to Faro drop off. This includes content personalization and advertising.