:/ Thanks for your answer! Carrot cake is my fave! As I am trying to cut back on sugar, I actually used a cup of dates instead (I put them in the blender to make a purée before adding it to the mix) and it worked as well. Can it be made a day ahead? Amid the coming flurry of electric vehicles, Mercedes will make AMG versions. Thank you so much for this recipe, Jeanine. Added walnuts, held back a little sugar, loved it, so good. so glad you (and everyone!) I’m leaving it in the oven with hopes it’ll cook more but I don’t think it will because it’s gooey even just under the top. With vegan company arriving, this is a dreadful recipe. In Loving Memory: Obituaries Dec. 21-27, 2020 ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) *Refresh this page for updates and newly listed obituaries for this week. Hope that helps! Thank you! Thanks for sharing your modifications 🙂, I measure the cashews before soaking, as you did. Also, can I add pecans to the batter? 😉. Hello I’m just wondering if you altered the cooking time or temperature of the oven to turn these into muffins? Chilling would definitely help, it thickens a bit in the fridge (also, I just like the way it tastes cold). (the cake could freeze though). If your blender blade can handle it, you could start with less almond milk and add more as needed for the blade to move. This was a delicious cake and my non-vegan family loved it. I absolutely loved this recipe! I’m so glad you loved it! please repley. Great recipe! Nice texture and tastey. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe, it’s one of my favorite vegan recipes. We could not use the frosting due to nut allergies, but the frosting we made was amazing with the cake! Then drain and rinse them before you add to the blender. What problem did the authorities have after removing Chris's body? Hi, my family is Lacto-vegetarian so I was wondering if I could just replace the Almond milk with dairy milk? Turns out, this vegan version is better than what i used to bake!! So I have a Ninja- do you think that would work to make the frosting?? Let me know if you try the pureed carrot – so creative! Hi May, sorry for my slow reply! Will use raisins and walnuts next time and will put the effort in to making the frosting. I am trying to cut back on oil as well. Made this yesterday and it was SO amazing!! I tried the recipe as a tryout as ive been asked to make a 50 people event. It’s our new go to birthday and now Easter cake. My roommates said it was really tasty. Only the dough was a little too dense, I think that’s because of the smaller baking pan, and the frosting was nice but not great, maybe because I used cashews only. The CNN anchor said he learned to fight back after a sleepless night and a scan he struggled to understand at first. Yes, I would reduce the baking time and just check with a toothpick before you take them out of the oven. Would any of these work without changing the taste of the cake? Hi Sarah – use cashews in place of the macadamias. It came out so soooo good, literally the best (vegan) thing I’ve ever baked! My family loved it, and did not believe it was Vegan. thank you 🙂. 🙂 Hi Annelien, I’m so glad you liked the cake! If so, which one would work the best or what blend of flours would taste best? I’ll try the recipe as is written for next time. Hi! Although I did replace the flax eggs with boxed egg replacer – I don’t know whether that changes anything. Will definitely make this again. Great recipe to help me get started, thank you! When I tasted the frosting I wanted a little bit more tang so I added another tsp of lemon juice. I still had sand like bits of nuts which would not smooth out because there was not enough volume in the blender to whip the ingredients into a very smooth texture. (Hey, it had the lemon in it already and I had a bad experience with homemade cashew ice-cream one time.) Spelt flour is a tad healthier than regular white flour, but there’s no reason that it would improve the flavor in this cake. Forgot it can make hot soup. I’d keep the same amount of carrots or the cake will be more dense and might not rise properly. I have made 2 of these cake within a week’s time because it was that good. 🙂 Thank you! Thanks Jeanine. How long do you need to soak the nuts for the frosting. I have to comment on this recipe because it is so fantastic! Came out great anyway. The birthday boy and his colleagues will be thrilled! It truly is to die for. I’m looking to make this and am wondering if you’ve tested the bake in a loaf tin or something more compact. I gave my dad a nice large slice without telling him it was vegan until after he finished…he really couldn’t believe it. The best. Amazing!! I don’t think it would work to leave all sugars out because it is a dessert, so it’s going to need some sweetness! Excited to try this recipe! When Chris Lemons, ... ” Did Lemons survive even so? For the icing I used rum instead of vanilla, really delicious!! I made it for my partners birthday party and there was not a crumb left!! The almond milk used for the frosting has to be unsweetened? I also used the organic Truvia sugar baking blend instead of sugar because it has 75% less calories than sugar but tastes just as sweet and amazing 🙂 It also saves about 570 calories. I was curious if I could replace some with carrot puree and add more carrot flavor?? My husband loves carrot cake and has high cholesterol. Allthough i’m not vegan i try to cook or bake vegan recipes every now and then. I have a mini cuisinart that I use for pesto’s and other recipes that don’t have to be as smooth. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a great recipe that people can tweak in so many ways to make their own and enjoy! Don't worry: Volkswagen's GTI and Golf R will be available to American buyers, with brand-new models coming for 2022. Hi! Great recipe, I was wondering if I can make this cake with almond, coconut or oat flour instead? Hi Nadine – vanilla extract (I’ll fix that to be more clear!). 🙂. I wanted to share my tips for this recipe. Almond milk or water or something else? Do you recommend drying/dehyrdrating them in the oven after soaking/rinsing/draining them or can I go ahead and make the frosting immediately after soaking? Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. I made this recipe today, but added agave syrup, 2/3 cup. I’m thinking of turning these into cupcakes. Thanks from Dresden, GER! The coconut oil can be hardened or melted, it’ll get soft anyway in the blender and it’ll firm up again once it chills in the fridge. Hi Jana, coconut oil helps thicken it, so I would stick with that. Definitely a keeper in my go-to recipes! Given that the pineapple is “wet”, do you have any suggested modifications I might need? Big thanks for the amazing recipe. Enjoy it on its own, or take it to the next level by slathering it in rich, creamy vegan frosting. This vegan carrot cake recipe is a riff on my mom’s traditional recipe. This was especially so when I decided to take a chance on a cultured cashew cheese product instead of making my own. I also added walnuts and raisins to taste. I was looking for a good carrot cake recipe because I accidentally bought too many carrots and have too much homemade apple butter from an apple picking trip last fall. How did you convert the baking times to make cupcakes vs cake ? A hit with the whole family. I made some minor adjustments: cut cane sugar in cake batter to half (carrot = plenty of natural sweetness) and used almond milk, agave, and only cashews in the frosting. I make this vegan carrot cake recipe for Jack's birthday each year. Did I do something wrong? I’m not sure if she used the frosting recipe as-is. Chris Kyle is “credited” with taking the lives of over 160 enemies with his precision. Thanks again for all you create! I made this exactly as written and I am so in love! Much love x. By the way, I meant to change my rating to 3/5 but I couldn’t figure out how to edit it 🙁. Sharon Weaver, you read my mind ha ha! Ahhh gotcha. I feel like you may be missing the purpose of dessert. Added chopped walnuts and raisins with the carrots. Anyhoo, I had to melt it down in a double boiler before proceeding with remaining steps. Didn’t turn out too well. Need a new one, now! For the frosting, does the coconut oil need to be neutral taste? I really hope my food processor survives this because I want to try the frosting as soon as I get home! It came out FABULOUS!!! Hi, we like our carrot cake cold. Carrot cake is the best! Hi Irene, I’m SO happy to hear that everyone (including yourself) loved it!! If only my oven would work right now..! Made this for fathers day and it was a HIT! What other nut would you recommend either than macadamian? In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. For the frosting could I use a kitchen-aide mixer, I don’t have a high speed blender or food processor, please help, Hi Dora, no because it won’t process the nuts into a creamy sauce (it’ll just mix them around and sort of break them up). This recipe is amazing! Hi Stephanie – I’m so glad you (and everyone) loved it! Chris Pine's character is back after his fate in the first movie, and there's plenty of comic book history to back up that development. Hi Michelle, thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I made like little mini cakes and put them in for like 50 minutes .. (because all the time i check they weren’t done yet). They have a thick, rich, and almost plumb-like texture. I am going to make it as is, but I was wondering (since I didn’t see any feedback in comments), has anyone used an all purpose gluten free flour? Tekken has always been a fun fighting game series with an awesome set of characters. The frosting was a first for me. only using cashews) a better idea? Thanks so much this is an absolute winner of a recipe:)). if yes, which would you recommend ? I did not make a low fat icing because my boyfriend has genetic (type 1) diabetes and really surgary but low fat icing is bad for him. My timing wasn’t very good on the frosting, so it didn’t have enough time to chill properly. Hopefully the cake is still good and tasty, I like it without the frosting! The cake looks delicious and I’d like to give it a try, but I’m a bit confused as far as the conversion of cups to grams is concerned (I only use grams in recipes and always convert cups to grams). This can happen when you open the oven during baking. The cake is already pretty moist and it might not rise well with brown sugar. The Original has cane syrup in it, so I didn’t want to make a mistake and have it be too sweet. PS such pretty photos! I used coconut oil in the frosting) Added a pinch of allspice. yay, I’m so glad you all loved it! It sounds pretty easy to make, I will give it a try! I couldn’t possibly read through all the comments, so my apologies if the question was answered above. Or could it be the wrong temperature? Into The Wild is a novel by John Krakauer, that tells the story of Chris McCandless. Chris Lemons thought it was just another ordinary day at work. I added about 1/2 cup of chopped raw walnuts, 1/2 cup of chopped raisins, 1/2 tsp cardamom, and 1 tsp allspice to the cake. Please let me know! thank u. yes, but I would make sure it’s not too thick (homemade nut milks are usually thicker than the store-bought almond milk). The nicest carrot cake I’ve ever made 🙂 The frosting took a while but tastes lovely… My husband says it’s a little grainy but perhaps I didn’t blend it long enough. i’ve been wanting to try some vegan recipes, this one sounds like it might be my first one on the list. – I used a 1/4 c. (2″ diameter) cookie scoop for the batter. I never would have thought of it! Can I freeze the icing? Has anyone made this cake into (2) 8″ rounds and used the frosting inside & out? He loved them! I have made this cake a million times & everytime it just gets more & more delicious 😋 i love this recipe. And he was kicked out of the class. I think maybe the smaller pan (I used a 9×13) might have made it too heavy to rise well? I ran my specific ingredients through a recipe nutrient calculator and if you cut the cake into 15 pieces instead of the 12 the recipe suggests – it’s 260 cals / piece. I made it with just all-purpose flour – any reason spelt would improve the flavor? Copyright © 2021 Love and Lemons, LLC. This is going in my quiver of delicious desert cake recipes! Hi and Greetings from the UK. I never use oil in my cooking since I’ve found dairy-free soy or coconut yogurt works just as well 🙂 It bakes the exact same. I made this cake and the only I ingredient I was missing was applesauce, so I decided to make it without and instead put a tablespoon of water in. Thanks, good day Thanks! I can’t have any “white” things such as flour, pasta, refined sugar etc. Light and airy, with good flavor. My adult son who normally doesn’t eat cake and doesn’t have a sweet tooth requested this cake for his birthday. Oh, macadamia frosting. I don’t have a metal baking pan though…has anyone made it with a glass baking dish? Hello! Life saver! (One day we’ll offer both forms of measurements in our recipes! Also serval people asked for the recipe. more applesauce or will the texture be off? Let me tell you, BEST carrot cake I’ve had in my life. Hi Kaley, I’d bake them a little less – I’d check them around 25 minutes. You’d have to go with a more traditional cream cheese frosting recipe (sub in vegan cream cheese if necessary), that can be made in a mixer. You cannot even tell it’s vegan–even my roommates couldn’t believe it. Is it Original Almond Milk, or Original Unsweetened Almond Milk? Frosting surprisingly, delicious. I will definitely be looking at your other recipes in the future. Hope the cake went well 🙂. Chris Christie revealed Thursday he spent seven days in an intensive care unit before recovering from Covid-19, and implored Americans to … Also, just wanted to add that I topped my cake with toasted pecans. We love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! Thanks! It’ll keep about 4-5 days, it might separate, but just stir it as you’re ready to use it again…. Can I use soy flour for this recipe? Thanks Jeanine! I had to sub out a couple ingredients because of my pantry, but it was a home run!! Having been nearly out-Democrated by (supposedly former) Democrat Trump on immigration authoritarianism, Biden did a 180. The time will depend on the size if your pan, no matter the shape. I had a lot of help from her two grandsons ages 5 and 11 and their two friends. Anybody would. This cake was so excellent! I added more lemon to give it more tanginess as someone suggested above, and I licked the vitamix, spatula, and chilling bowl clean, lol. Saving to my favourites for future, regular rotation. Ok thanks. I used 3/4 of quinoa flour, 2/3 of kiwicha flour and 2/3 of oatmeal and it did work! Thank you! I made it using a gluten free flour blend I whipped up, added walnuts and golden raisins and used lite coconut milk instead of almond. I just wanted to let you know how much I ADORE this recipe –– I’ve already made it three times this fall! (The less liquid, the thicker it will be). Loved it!!! my mom used to make a carrot cake that she added canned pineapple and it was so delicous and the moistess cake ever. Hi Kris, I’ve made this recipe tons of times, I would recommend following it exactly and baking it at 325 (Fahrenheit). Love the macadamia frosting here! One of the central beliefs that Chris McCandless held in his life as he journeyed around America was that he should be independent and self-reliant, based on … not a huge fan on texture. Reply! It tasted like sweet and sour cashew butter. : ). I also prefer lower-fat versions. I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter but I love experimenting. He is a 5 (later 6, then 7) year old boy and the younger brother of Michael and Elizabeth. Does anyone know how I can use this recipe to make cupcakes? great alternative to the classic carrot cake! Delicious! ha, thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the recipe with the extra frosting! In a separate bowl, whisk together the applesauce, almond milk, vanilla, sugar and oil. It is soooo good! What was the official verdict on the cause of death? It took more time to bake (more less an hour intotal) but totally worth it!!! This was a hit with my omni family! I found the frosting too runny also- used a thermomix and had only soaked nuts for 4 hours. Looked great too! The frosting was to die for, and the cake was rich and moist. After surgery, he opted out of chemotherapy and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal. I’m thinking a slightly lower temp with a longer bake time but was curious if you already had the temp and time for that! I’m looking to do a layer cake as well and don’t want to mess it up! Along with the shredded carrots, it adds enough moisture to eliminate the need for flax eggs or other unconventional ingredients. I stumbled upon this one and I thought it was worth a shot. Would make again! Hi Annika, I’m so glad you loved it! I’m super excited to make this cake for Mother’s Day. Did this, in case, using only cashews, hadn’t worked out. … I think there are some vegan cream cheeses on the market that don’t contain nuts that would would work with this one: https://www.loveandlemons.com/vegan-pumpkin-snack-cake/, Hi Jeanine, Hi Jamie, you can use all purpose flour or a mix of white/wheat. As a non-baker, this is a recipe I would feel comfortable reaching for in a pinch. This came out perfectly on the first try – super moist and tasty. No one believes it’s vegan! I replaced the coconut oil for coconut yogurt for a healthier option…. Hi Jennifer! She was gonna love it no matter what. Can I make this gluten free and oil free? (I made it using ‘healthy baker low fodmap flour’ wheat flour with no issues) There’s lots of carrot flavor in the cake, so I’d use the applesauce as it’s written – I think more carrots might make the cake more dense. The BEST carrot cake I’ve ever had or made! This is the first time anyone in our family noticed. https://www.loveandlemons.com/vegan-raspberry-coconut-scones/ I have made this cake numerous times..in fact right now I have made Carrot Cake cup cakes..little sweeties that are eaten up every time. Before i turned vegan (a month ago) i always made great carrot cake with animal products, so i was hoping to find a half decent vegan recepe. of coconut oil to reduce the oil content of the recipe. Very often the garlic has turned blue - did it again this year when I fixed the peppers! I also threw in some walnuts and raisins. Once baked, I could taste the baking powder in the cake, so now I add only 1 tsp baking powder(instead of 3) and 11/2 tsp baking soda(instead of 1) and 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar to the almond milk. Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 2 and we have a LOT of questions.