It really was only a matter of time before Versace, released a flanker fragrance of it, and did so with the late 2018 release of Eros Flame. A kind of Versus vs Versace! Compare smartphones, cameras, headphones, graphics cards, and much more. It captures the mood of what it feels like to be young, independent, self-confident, rebellious … Versus was presented in 1989 as a gift from Gianni to his sister. w, MISSING YOU: CARIBBEAN BEACHES WRITES TIM COTRONEO, Summer is here, and so is another issue of Upscale, Sleeping a Luxury Experience in Olivia Von Halle s, THE ALFA ROMEO MONTREAL VISION GT CONCEPT TAKES YO, SOFIA VERGARA IS THE NEW FACE OF DOLCE & GABBANA w, In 1845, one man started a family legacy of excell, Top Reasons Why People Choose RV Lifestyle, Everyday Exquisite: Surrounding yourself with artful design, Israeli Whiskies, Malt Scene in The Promised Land, Zinda Beauty Unveils New Moisture Rose Cuvée, Ski Essentials, How To Look and Feel Stylish, Award-Winning Luxury Slippers – The World’s Finest, Italian Caviar Offers Some of the Best Osetra Varieties in the Market, A Christmas To Remember, Favorite Recipes from Around The World, A choice of authentic luxury for your Vacation Home in Italy. Capri HoldingsDonatella VersaceFASHIONFashion HouseVersaceVersace FashionVersus brand. Versace Versus blue 100% silk skirt high low lined $35 $0 Size: 26/40 Versus Versace camofashion. Capri’s headquarters are in London, and its three businesses will continue to operate in separate cities and countries. VERSACE Versus … Find out which is better and their overall performance in the fitness tracker ranking. The difference between Versace & Versus When compared, you will find some clear differences, but certainly also similarities. It was Versace owner Gianni Versace himself who launched Versus, a new Italian fashion brand, in 1989. All eyes are set on the prize as Donatella vehemently declares – “This is just the beginning of an exciting, new adventure, I hope you will live it together with me!”. What does this acquisition mean for Versace’s future? Well, quite a young and hip audience does that. The fashion world has been concerned that brand dilution was inescapable after the business deal, this merger can be viewed as the first sign. Versus by Versace watches falls into the latter camp, and despite the brand’s reputation for being fairly expensive, Versus by Versace watches are actually quite affordable and offer fun, colorful styling. Emblem. It is even a subsidiary of Versace. Donatella Versace transports us underwater to unveil the new collection. They are a lot cheaper compared to the watches of mother brand Versace itself. Only time will tell if this move will benefit the brand for the better or worse. When compared, you will find some clear differences, but certainly also similarities. Versus is a genuine Versace collection I can't remember if it was cheaper but some Versace stuff like V2 was actually made by other people under license. Yes, one of the most successful all-American brands in the market is now the proud owner of the most prominent name in Italian luxury. Practically all the sunglasses we sold were made by one firm too I can't remember if it included Versace or not but all the different brands all came in … I will continue to wear it. No Minimum Orders. Versus Versace, I love this fragrance, my son gave me this for my birthday and I have gotten so many nice compliments on the way that it smell. We currently have a wide variety of Versace watches. Michael Kors is headquartered in New York, Jimmy Choo in London and Versace in Italy. I was in church and everyone wanted to know the name of the fragrance I was wearing. The company’s most notable announcement since the acquisition was to integrate their diffusion line – VERSUS, with their contemporary line, Versace Jeans. Watches are also still part of the range. Versus Versace Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-VSPHJ0620 In this blog we will look at the differences between the watches of both brands. After closing in 2005, Donatella resurrected it in 2009 with a capsule collection of accessories designed by emerging British designer … Having inherited the irresistible style of the fashion house, Versus clothing is designed for those who live boldly and energetically. Versus is the youthful line by Versace, the celebrated maison with the Medusa logo. 4. They are very beautiful watches of good quality and with a lower price tag.Â. Shop designer items by Versus Versace online. Written by Brenda N on July 26, 2017. What about their age? The main collection of the brand is Versace, which produces upmarket Italian-made ready-to-wear and leather accessories. 9. Both brands are of excellent quality. Expect signature jewel tones, sharply pleated skirts and decadent cocktail dresses that will give your party portfolio a serious style boost. Partially, the Versace emblem may reflect the brand’s striving to reach a level, which is hardly … You can find a Versace watch roughly somewhere in the price range of € 299 to around 2k. Choose the perfect piece for you: easy, quick returns and secure payment! The watches of both Italian brands show similarities in, for example, the shape and design of the watch case, strap and also the use of the logo. Better (Swiss) timepieces and sapphire glass are included. Defining the right social media tone Simply scroll through Versus and Versace ’s Instagram profiles and you’ll immediately see the difference. The biggest difference is mainly the price: Versus watches are a lot cheaper to purchase compared to the Versace timepieces. Top notes are Raspberry, Plum, Violet, Black Currant, Aldehydes, Peach, Green Notes and Bergamot; middle notes are Rose, Sandalwood, Tuberose, Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes … 2. The American company has subsequently been renamed as Capri Holdings, with three major fashion houses now under its portfolio: Michael Kors Collection, Jimmy Choo, and Versace. My definitive answer is YES, Versace Jeans Brand is Versace. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. That is a bit different with Versus. The younger age of the enthusiasts is also due to the lower recommended prices. Versace Collection or Versace Versus are just second lines made for a public with less resources but that still want to wear Versace. These colors and the modern designs make the brand quite popular. Search. Versus Versace watches are part of the collection from the first ever diffusion line launched by international Italian fashion house Versace. It’s unexpected and perhaps alarming. Items containing more flair and created with a focus on new trends, even more innovative than Versace products themselves. The fashion brand was taken over by Donatella Versace, sister of Gianni. After her brother Gianni Versace’s murder in 1997, she had taken over the reins of the company and has been the face of the brand since over 20 years now. It is all in the details, the finish and the quality of the materials used that make the difference between the two brands. She has gained international recognition as one of India's premier luxury writers contributing for various publications all over the world. The brandname Versace is widely known and even if you have nothing to do with this brand, you must have been under a stone when not have heard of this Italian fashion brand. We can understand they do: Versus men's and women's watches are hip and strikingly colored. Hailey Bieber embodies the … smartphones smartwatches headphones tablets. The aim was to produce creative and innovative products with this label. Putting to rest speculations that she may be in search of a successor, Donatella has recently declared that her passion has never been stronger upon the merger, and she will helm both the lines. No definitely not. Versus Versace women's watches - order watches now online with free shipping* on Zalando. Discover Versacepolis: a utopian settlement created on the seabed and populated by strong and confident men and women. Versus and Verses Meaning. Versus Uomo by Versace is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men.Versus Uomo was launched in 1991. The second lines are also made with less expensive materials and try to be more generic things that appeal to a … Donatella Versace tells why NYC is the perfect place to present her new Versus Versace collection and what's behind it. (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒanni verˈsaːtʃe]), usually referred to simply as Versace, is an Italian luxury fashion company and trade name founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Niyoshi Shah is a luxury brand consultant working with leading Couture and Pret brands for publicity in India. Both parties are expected to be part of  the “Versace Jeans” relaunch in November this year. And, although the brand went on a four-year standby from 2005 to 2009, since then it has played a pivotal role in Versace’s campaign to inject a youthful spirit into the brand and create millennial focussed designs. Where the most expensive Versus ends, the price of an entry-level Versace watch starts. And, although the brand went on a four-year standby from 2005 to 2009, since then it has played a pivotal role in Versace’s campaign to inject a youthful spirit into the brand and create millennial focussed designs. Today, a buttery soft leather jacket from Versus is $980. A live in-store, Accomplished actress, reality (real housewife) TV, Our November issue cover star Charlie Siem is inte, We can't believe Fall is already here, the leaves, Once more, Upscale Living Magazine brings you the, Our Culinary Issue brings you the latest news in t, SUNDERLAND OF SCOTLAND JOINS THE GLENMUIR FAMILY be daring, be first, be different, be versus. Official Versace Online Shop: an exclusive selection of Women’s and Men’s Ready to Wear, Shoes, Accessories and the iconic world of Versace Home. The gorgeous Gabrielle Anwar spoke exclusively to, Embracing the New Year and New Possibilities, will, Hitting the slopes this snowy season? All Versus Versace Collections. No Hidden Charges. It will not surprise you that the range also includes clothing, bags and watches. One surefire way to tell the difference between Versus and Versace is price. 1-12 of 88 results for Versus By Versace. The lower price is fits better for this target group. Versus is a preposition, with the meaning of “against,” or “in contrast to or as the alternative of.” In use in English since the 15th century, the word comes from the past participle of the Latin vertere, meaning “to turn.”Verses is either the plural form of a noun (“a line of metrical writing”) or … The family now holds shares of Capri Holdings Limited, and Donatella will be retaining her role as creative director of the fashion house. With an aim to scale up significantly through licensing and diffusion lines, this power move has proved to be an important milestone for the global conglomerate-in-the-making. Overview Prices Specs + Add to comparison. Is this brand dilution or a step towards financial solvency? Her passion for fashion, luxury and a close personal connect with premier lifestyle brands solidifies her standing as an industry insider with a powerful opinion and insight on luxury launches and latest events. Who is actualy buying a Versus timepiece? The brand lives in the shadow of the big brother and it is a lot less known but also a fashion brand. The large medusa head, which is pontifically placed on the dial of many Versace models, can also be seen in the shape of a lion's head at the daughter brand. For those wh, @the_macallan and Le Clos have unveiled The Red Co, Measuring 18 feet tall and 80 feet long, the @aevu, @thehotelgalleria by Elaf is "The Jewel in Jeddah', Since 1962, as the holder of the Royal Warrant by, @mercedesbenzusa has just pulled the covers off it, It is astonishing what one French Domaine can do w, Nicole Shelley @nicoleshelleyinc and Gabrielle Anw, What a fabulous event at Fabiana Filippi with our, Join us on Tuesday, December 15th! VERSUS VERSACE Malaysia. versus versace The younger sibling to super-brand Versace, Versus marries a high-octane Italian aesthetic with a youthful attitude. Gianni Versace was open for every little trend and would accept every new thing, from which he would derive his own style. Collaborators have included renowned names like Christopher Kane, JW Anderson, Anthony Vaccarello and MIA, but Donatella has always played a dominant role, offering insight into how conventional styles could be reimagined in fresh and relatively affordable ways. Versus is a global data-driven comparison platform, covering over 90 categories. While Versace’s Insta photos are much more polished, edited, and fashion-focused, Versus feels much more raw and artistic. Versace is the main line, the one you see in the runway. An advantage compared that to the Versus less scratch-resistant mineral glass. The biggest difference is mainly the price: Versus watches are a lot cheaper to purchase compared to the Versace timepieces. Versace Jeans is licensed to Swinger International, the Italian group that also produces for the Cavalli Class label and ready-to-wear brand Genny. Only time will tell. Obviously, I had to get a bottle of Eros Flame to try it out, and also to do a head to head with the … I say “was” because today the Versace Jeans brand is becoming … It began in 1989 as the first diffusion lines by the house, a gift by the founder Gianni Versace to his sister, Donatella Versace. a Versus watch can be priced somewhere in between € 99 till € 250. Popular product colours by VERSUS VERSACE include Yellow, White and Silver. Gianni Versace S.r.l. Versace Eros has been one of the most popular men’s fragrances of this decade.